Award-Winning Breakthrough Bonkers Beat Format To:

Boost Occupancy, Motivate and Retain Quality Educators, and Improve Your NQS Rating!

For more than 10 years we have been working with educators and parents around Australia and we have listened to your feedback to improve this amazing program. The brand new format of the Bonkers Beat Music Program:

  • Attracts, motivates and retains quality staff
  • Easier To Implement At Your Own Pace – Save time on planning an effective curriculum
  • Improves outcomes for children and behaviour in the classroom
  • Cost can be covered 100% by LDCPD Programme Funding
  • (No out of pocket expense for centre owners/directors)
  • Includes Convenient, Step By Step Online Training & Workbooks
  • Proven To Improve Quality Areas 1, 5, 6 & 7 of the National Quality Standard
  • Loved By Children, Parents & Educators Across Australia
  • Improves Centre Occupancy Rates and Business Bottom Line
  • Each Module Is Clearly Linked to One of the Seven Areas Of The NQS Assessment Ratings (So you can focus on improving specific areas as you need.)
  • More Affordable Than Ever

Over the last 10 years the Bonkers Beat Music Program has become Australia’s leading music program for childcare centres. As demand has grown we have slightly changed the format to include more online resources and group face-to-face training workshops so we have been able to make it even more affordable and offer more licenses.

The Bonkers Beat Music Program provides a simple, effective
 and proven way to motivate, engage and guide staff

The program helps children to be focused and relaxed

Ensures your daily curriculum delivers measurable improvements for your centre’s NQS Assessment Rating

Program creator Galina Zenin is a qualified early childhood educator and professional musician. This means all Bonkers Beat songs are written based on sound music fundamentals, which is why they are so easy to remember, fun to learn and “addictive” for young children.

Our cutting edge program has been featured on…

Channel 9’s Today Show, Playhouse Disney and Radio Stations…

As Well As Numerous Industry Publications, Magazines and Local Newspapers…

Early Childhood Education Conferences in Australia and Around the World…

Bonkers Beat Delivers Outstanding Results For Children, Educators and Owners

The Bonkers Beat Program continues to deliver outstanding results for childcare centre owners, educators and children. As you’ll see below, parents absolutely love the positive impact the Bonkers Beat Music Program is having on their children…

What Educators Say About Bonkers Beat Programs…

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What Is Bonkers Beat & How Can It Improve Your Child Care Centre?

The Bonkers Beat Music Program has been specifically developed by Galina Zenin – an early childhood educator, consultant, inspirational speaker, music teacher, author, composer and founder of the first music kinder in Australia. The program is aimed at improving all areas of childhood development and your centres’ NQS assessment ratings.

The program comes complete with in-house training and support, easy to follow video lessons and step-by-step implementation guides. It gives your educators clear direction and practical tools making it easy to implement the new program into your curriculum.

Bonkers Beat Music Program is also one of the best ways to give your centre a point of difference in the competitive childcare market. It attracts the growing number of parents, who are actively seeking childcare centres that utilise music as a way to improve their child’s early development.

Benefits For Centre Owners & Educators…

  • Motivate and retain staff members by providing a simple framework to achieve your desired outcomes
  • Improve your centre’s performance and NQS assessment ratings by applying the modules that specifically relate to each of the 7 National Quality Standard areas and 5 learning outcomes of EYLF
  • Utilise LDCPD Programme Funds on a practical program that delivers proven results and comes with a risk-free guarantee. No out of pocket expense for centre owners
  • Improve the quality of service and long term development results for kids and parents
  • Save money on expensive one-day seminars, music workshops and courses that never get implemented or provide a real return on investment
  • Boost parent involvement, participation and satisfaction with your centre by providing resources for kids to take home and enjoy with their families
  • Improve the flow of day-to-day activities by utilising dedicated transitional songs
  • Boost child development and improve focus and behaviour in the classroom
  • Enjoy 12 month support and personal mentorship so you always have someone to help you grow and improve your centre
  • All educators receive full training and support materials to ensure 100% confidence in implementing the program, which can be a major issue when trying to introduce new programs into your centre
  • Access to complete online membership area and private Facebook group to connect with other centres and program mentors in a community environment
  • Benefit from this easy, structured and proven effective method of delivering music programs in your centre
  • Improve your occupancy & retention rates by offering this “In Demand” educational program

Benefits For Children and Parents…

  • Improve self-esteem, confidence and social skills by working as a team to play the songs
  • Strengthen relationship between children, parents and educators by using the same resources to improve child development in class and at home
  • Develop better learning and memory abilities
  • Engage children in daily activities, improve focus and behaviour
  • Improve early cognitive development, math and reading skills
  • Develop leadership and critical thinking skills
  • Increase vocabulary and communication skills
  • Encourage creativity
  • Create a more enjoyable educational experience
  • Get children ready for a smooth transition to school

What Do You Get As A Bonkers Beat Program Licensee?

As a Bonkers Beat Music Program licensed centre you will enjoy a complete 12-month program that includes personal in-house training from renowned early childhood educator Galina Zenin, as well as a wealth of hard copy and online resources to ensure the stress free and seamless introduction of the Bonkers Beat Program into your centre.

Included in your program license…

2 x Private Bonkers Beat Summits – Innovative and Most Practical Training for Your Entire Team! 
  • Practical and hands-on workshops
  • Inspirational presentations
  • Setting up learning environments
  • School readiness and holistic approach
  • Embedded sustainable practices
  • Easy to use curriculum ideas
  • Team building and bonding activities
  • Leadership and management
  • Business development
  • Technology and marketing
  • Systems and procedures
  • Training and assessment

Bonkers Beat Conventions are a breakthrough training packed with:

Galina will deliver two 1 day events in your capital city, where you and your educators will enjoy further training and professional development alongside other Bonkers Beat licensed centres owners and staff. Music and movement, yoga and meditation, learning environments and room settings, school readiness and practical jobs, games and poems, team building and bonding activities, sustainable practices and outdoor environment, the list goes on … These most comprehensive and practical events will cover all the above, tick off every areas of the NQF, EYLF, build your educators’ confidence and equip them with a range of knowledge and most importantly, practical skill! These summits will also feature respected early child education experts who will teach you and your staff high level strategies for increasing occupancy and enrolments, enhancing educators skills, building collaborative partnerships with families, enhancing children’s wellbeing and brain development, improving NQS Quality Areas and leading to higher NQS rating.

What Educators Say About Bonkers Beat Programs…

2 x 1 hour Follow Up Training Via Skype 

After you have started to implement the program you can schedule 2 x 1hr training sessions with Galina to overcome any initial obstacles and ensure that your staff are 100% clear and confident in using the resource materials. We will also refresh the most important aspect of the program to guarantee maximum benefit for kids and educators alike.

Teacher’s Operation Manual & Supporting Materials

You will receive hard copy and online operation manuals and teacher support materials to give your educators easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, workbooks and video lessons covering the implementation of the ‘Bonkers Beat’ Music Program (Vol. 1, 2 or 3).
These materials also include Posters, Visual Displays and Lesson Guides for your staff to work from.

Bonkers Beat Program Teachers Resources

You will also receive the physical resources required for the implementation of the Bonkers Beat Program, which include everyone’s favourite, Bonkers the Monkey puppet, bongos and the floor drum which will be used as part of each lesson. You will also receive one copy of ‘Bonkers Beat’ CD (Vol. 1, 2 or 3), ‘Bonkers Beat & Me’ Book and ‘Old Favourites with a Bonkers Twist’ Book. Your operational manual and supporting materials clearly outline how to use each of these physical resources throughout your Bonkers Beat lessons.

Access To Online Video Recordings Of All Songs 

Through your online membership portal you and your staff can access all songs from one ‘Bonkers Beat’ CD (Vol. 1, 2 or 3). This allows your educators to study the songs and build their confidence, so they can implement the material throughout the day and become Bonkers Beat experts.

Lesson Guides For All Songs PDF Files

Each song comes with a detailed lesson guide that includes objectives of each song from ‘Bonkers Beat’ CD (Vol. 1, 2 or 3), related outcomes and how it links to EYLF & NQS. These lesson guides will help you incorporate the program into your curriculum and meet your centres specific objectives.

Bonus: “Song Of The Week” PDF Lesson Files 

The bonus “Song Of The Week” deliver traditional songs with a “Bonkers Twist”. These are well know songs that have new lyrics, which are ideal for use as transitional songs to move from one activity to another throughout the day or to reflect other child interests. Each “Song Of The Week” comes with detailed instructions and is a must have tool for every parent, kinder, childcare centre or school.

Special Invitation To Brainy Break Networking Sessions 

Twice a year we run invitation only networking sessions for owners and directors, where you can share ideas, discuss challenges and find solutions. It is also a great way to see how your peers are running their centres and meet a like-minded group of passionate professionals in a mastermind environment.

Direct Access To Your Very Own Mentor

As a Bonkers Beats Program Member you will receive 12-months complete mentorship and support from Galina Zenin. If you ever have any problems with implementing a song, would like to know how to link a particular experience to the EYLF & NQS, are having trouble engaging your children or have any issues at all, you can simply phone, email or Skype Galina directly for fast, expert support.

Weekly Newsletters For Owners, Educators & Parents

Our weekly newsletter provides up to date, useful information, articles and links to various websites and publications to cover important areas in children’s development and education. This will keep your centre on the cutting edge of what is happening in the

Access to Members Only Bonkers Beat Educators Website & Facebook Group

This is a private website and Facebook group offered exclusively to Bonkers Beat members. Inside the secure areas you’ll discover powerful educational tips, network with other members, share art and craft, learning stories, and ideas for children’s portfolios, plus access important industry contacts.

What some educators, owners and directors say…

"Hi Galina, I work at Jigsaw childcare, I am currently on maternity leave, but I never go a day without playing the Bonkers Beat CD’s at home for my 2 year old son who is still attending Jigsaw. He had just moved into the bigger room about 2 months ago. Since moving into the bigger room and participating in the Bonkers program I have found a huge change in his development skills thanks to the program. He is talk so much more and very clearly, He sings along and does the dance moves to the songs at home. I know the Bonkers Beat program well as I have done with all the children when I was working. It’s so different to see it from a parents’ point of view rather than an educator, I loved participating in the program and teaching it to the children at work but it amazes me on how much my son’s development has changed in such a short time. It has made me love the program that much more and I thank you :)”

- Lauryn Kotas

“…As a Director I have seen the amazing positive impact the Bonkers Beat Music Program has on children from diverse backgrounds. The Bonkers Beat Music program has embraced children where English is there second language and helped them discover and communicate in a new language. Bonkers Beat Music is a universal language which all children and their families can enjoy.”

- Danielle Allen, Former Director, ABC Forest Hill

“Galina must surely be one of Melbourne’s most important educators.”

- Jenny Mathers, Head of Music, St Catherine’s School

And now you can get it for $0 out of pocket expense.

Yes, you pay NOTHING out of your own pocket.

The Bonkers Beat Program can be 100% covered by the LDCPD Programme Funding.

This means that you can use your LDCPD Programme Funding to purchase the Bonkers Beat program for your centre..

Many centres use these funds on expensive workshops or seminars, or maybe even having an outside music teacher coming in for a few hours a week.

In reality these alternatives provide less long-term benefits to children, educators, parents and especially to the centres’ bottom line and NQS ratings.

That is why it is so important that you invest these funds wisely.

Not only that…

The Bonkers Beat Music Program Comes With A 100% Risk Free Guarantee

If at the end of your first in-house training session with Galina Zenin you are not 100% happy with the content, lessons and training you have received, you simply ask for a refund and you will be refunded in full.

We don’t know of any other childcare program that allows you try their program risk free. The reason we offer this is that we have seen the amazing results the Bonkers Beat Program can have in a centre.

We’ve seen how it motivated and engages staff.

We’ve know how much time it saves owners/directors and educators by giving them a proven framework for improving NQS assessment results.

We’ve seen how much children and parents love to sing and play along with Bonkers the monkey.

So we know that once you try it Risk Free, you’ll want to complete the entire program and make your centre stand out from the competition.

Do You Want To Join?

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This program includes your full 12 months support and mentorship plus everything listed above.

Educational resources are an integral part of the Music Program, so each family can enjoy the Bonkers Beat songs at home with their children.

What parents say about Bonkers Beat songs…

“The music and wellbeing programs created by Galina have an amazing impact on both my daughter and the rest of our family. We’re constantly amazed at the things she understands due to learning the information through a song at Bonkers. Galina’s amazing contribution to the early childhood development provided at Bonkers means my daughter is absolutely prepared to start primary school next year and excited too!”

- Anastasia Oskolkova, Parent of 6yo

“The music and wellbeing programs created by Galina have an amazing impact on both my daughter and the rest of our family. We’re constantly amazed at the things she understands due to learning the information through a song at Bonkers. Galina’s amazing contribution to the early childhood development provided at Bonkers means my daughter is absolutely prepared to start primary school next year and excited too!”

- Helen MacDonald, Parent of 5yo

“The music and wellbeing programs created by Galina have an amazing impact on both my daughter and the rest of our family. We’re constantly amazed at the things she understands due to learning the information through a song at Bonkers. Galina’s amazing contribution to the early childhood development provided at Bonkers means my daughter is absolutely prepared to start primary school next year and excited too!”

- Helen MacDonald, Parent of 5yo

“… I really admire Galina’s passion for what she is doing. I think this is the key to her success. It is incredible how effective her concept of teaching to small children is. Unfortunately, my son is leaving Bonkers shortly to start school and I feel that we will not be able to find anything even closer to replace this wonderful program that Galina created at Bonkers. Hopefully Victorian Department of Education considers this practice and incorporates it in our Primary schools as well as Child Care and Kindergarten Centres.”

- Anastasia Oskolkova, Parent of 6yo

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Limited Time – Bonkers Gym Wellbeing Program

Bonus Special

If you would really like to take your centre to the next level, we will even throw in our complete Bonkers Gym Wellbeing Program.

This includes…

Wellbeing Program

This innovative and unique program, which consists of yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, relaxation, stretches, sensory walk and many other practical tools will help you and children to connect with themselves, with society and with the planet.


Yoga promotes physical strength, flexibility, body awareness, balance and mental focus. It is a non-competitive activity, which, when taught in a fun way, is sure to be of great benefit to every child!


Meditation is a fantastic way to increase children’s focus and concentration and to reduce stress and anxiety. It helps build self-esteem and confidence, encourages children’s imagination, creativity and has positive consequences that will last a lifetime.

Teachers Resources

These include…

  • 'Yoga with Bonkers the Monkey’ CD & ‘Meditation with Bonkers the Monkey’ CD
  • Teacher’s Operation Manual for ‘Bonkers Gym’ Wellbeing Program
  • Yoga poses from ‘Yoga with Bonkers the Monkey’ Cards – PDF Files
  • Access to Online Video Recordings of yoga poses from ‘Yoga with Bonkers the Monkey’ CD
  • ‘Welcome a New Day’ Routine, which consists of stretches, positive affirmations, sensory walk, bonding exercises and much more…

Educational resources are an integral part of the Bonkers Gym Program, so each family can enjoy wellbeing routines at home with their children.

What Parents Say About Wellbeing Program & Harmony Nights…

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This Limited Opportunity Won’t Last! We only have a limited number of licences available in each state and they are selling fast. If you want to see how the Bonkers Beat Program can help you to …

  • Motivate and engage your staff
  • Save you and your educators time and money by providing clear framework to improve your NQS Rating
  • Connect with children and their parents
  • Give your centre a distinct and in demand market advantage

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P.S. Remember our 100% risk free guarantee means you can try our program without any risk.

P.P.S. For 2-8 year old children there is no other integrated music program that offers educational, catchy, fun and original music, written by a professional musician. That’s why Bonkers Beat is like no other music program you’ll find available anywhere in the world.